Citibank Dividend Card 12.6% Petrol Discount

With the recent enconomic turmoil going on, keeping your cash is no.1 priority on everyone’s mind and we found this Citi Dividend Master Card that enables you to get a 12.6% discount off Esso’s petrol. That’s a pretty big discount if you ask us. Here’s how it works:

When you use your Citibank Dividend Platinum Mastercard:
Station Discount = 5%
Cash Rebate = 3%
Cashback = 5%
So let’s say you spent $100 worth of petrol in a single visit on 16 August 2008, the amount payable will be $95 (5% station discount off $100 petrol = $5 discount) in that receipt. Of this $95 that is billed to your Citibank Dividend Platinum Mastercard, a rebate of $2.85 (3% rebate of the $95 amount charged to your Citibank Dividend Platinum Mastercard) will be credited into your Citibank Dividend Platinum Mastercard in the following month’s statement i.e. September 2008). On top of that, your will also get a cashback of $4.75 (5% cashback of the $95 amount charged to your Citibank Dividend Platinum Mastercard) which you will enjoy in the next quarter if your have accumulated at least $50 worth of cashback. Therefore, of that $100 worth of petrol that you topped up on that 16 August 2008, you actually only pay $87.40 ($100 less $5 discount less $2.85 rebate less $4.75 cashback). This translates to a 12.6% discount when u use Citibank Dividend Platinum Mastercard.

It is also said that Citibank can withdraw the cash rebate promotion anytime. More details can be found at and to sign up for the card, you can visit here.

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