In Memoriam: Ms. Lo Hwei Yen

GDS Mourns…

Today the GDS Team is deeply saddened for the loss of Ms. Lo Hwei Yen, a 28-year-old Singaporean lawyer who was killed in the recent Mumbai’s terror attack. We would like to extend our deepest condolences to Mr. Puhaindran and family for their loss.

Below is PM Lee’s condolence letter to Mr Michael Puhaindran:

29 November 2008

Mr Michael Stephen Puhaindran

Dear Mr Michael Stephen Puhaindran,

I am deeply shocked and saddened by the loss of your wife, Ms Lo Hwei Yen. On behalf of all Singaporeans, please accept my deepest condolences to you and your family.

I first learnt about the terrorist attacks in Mumbai when I was in Santiago, Chile. My immediate concern was whether any Singaporeans were caught up in the situation.

Many Singaporeans travel and work all over Asia. So I was sure a good number would have been in Mumbai when the attacks happened.

As reports came in, we learnt that several Singaporeans were either in the vicinity of the attacks, or trapped in the Oberoi and Taj Mahal hotels.

We also learnt from you that Hoei Yen had been taken hostage by the terrorists.

I knew that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had arranged for you to fly to Mumbai, and was in touch with the Indian government. I wrote to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to express Singapore’s support and to offer our help to secure the safe release of the hostages.

Tragically, despite the efforts of the Indian security forces, they could not rescue Hoei Yen.

This is the first time a Singaporean has been a victim of a terrorist attack. Terrorism is a threat that knows no boundaries.

This is a family tragedy for you, but it also brings home to all of us the reality of this terrorist threat, and how important it is to keep up our guard and defeat it.

All Singaporeans feel for you and your family in this time of grief.

Words will not count for much, but I hope the knowledge that you are in our thoughts, and have the sympathies of all of us will comfort and support you at this dark and painful moment. The Singapore Government will do everything necessary to assist you and your family.

With deepest sympathies
Yours sincerely
Lee Hsien Loong

There’s a facebook group set up for sending your condolences, you can find it from this link. We will be changing our logo to black and white till Thursday  following the “Black Glamour” request dress code.

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