Body Wellness Exclusive Spa Giveaway

Be one of the five lucky winner to enjoy Free Spa treats by Body Wellness

Established in 1997, Body Wellness is one of the leaders in the local spa industry with 14 years of experience, keeping to the promise of providing highest quality services, products and customer service at fair and reasonable prices.

With Body Wellness, you will truly experience the ultimate dream escape for the modern woman. With an adorned ambience of serenity, Body Wellness spas are all beautifully nestled in the heart of the bustling city. Each offers unparalleled spa facilities, programs and services to rejuvenate and restore your spirit, mind and body.

Five privilege winners can choose to enjoy one of the following spa treats(90min each, worth up to $280) by Body Wellness:

+ [DDET Oriental Revival Spa Treat (Click to expand description)] With the use of ginger and black pepper, long known for their powerful health-improving properties, Oriental Revival is the ultimate cleansing and purifying spa therapy for the body, mind and soul. This therapy starts with a lemongrass dry body to remove dead skin, stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, and helps you to relax. The specially formulated Oriental Revival mask of ginger and black pepper, combined with a potent blend of orange, geranium, cypress and juniper oils, is then applied on your body before you rest in the steam room. This mask aids in reducing water retention, improving the immune system, removing wind from the body, moisturizing and whitening the skin, as well as warming the body and burning fats. A unique full body massage with cucumber cream follows to relieve your tired and aching muscles, coaxing your entire being into blissful relaxation. Emerge from this treatment feeling energized, with skin that glows with radiance.[/DDET]+ [DDET Antioxidant Radiance Facial (Click to expand description)]With the intelligent use of tomatoes, the Antioxidant Radiance Facial is highly effective in fighting against free radicals, which causes pigmentation and premature ageing. This treatment starts with a facial scrub to remove sun-damaged skin cells and reveal smoother skin. Our exclusive Olinda™ products, developed with Nano and Target-Delivery-System technology, is used in this treatment, combined with a relaxing facial massage, ensures the penetration of nutrients to your skin, at the right cellular level. Restore your glowing complexion, with youthful, brighter and more hydrated skin.[/DDET]

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