Announcement: Introducing Bad Deals Singapore!

Clamping down bad deals one at a time!

In an effort to improve the quality of shopping deals and experience for our readers, we have made a collaborative effort with ESAC and the International Shopping Associates(ISA) and are proud to announce the launch of Bad Deals Singapore! Here’s what our CEO has to say:

“The purpose of Bad Deals Singapore is not to challenge or stress merchants, but rather to help them improve their standards and also allow them to re-evaluate the kind of deals they are rolling out. Shopping in Singapore is a huge thing, especially when we are a small country with a 5million people. When shoppers encounter a bad deal or buying experience, it’s easy for merchants to neglect or even worse don’t understand why. So by opening up an online channel for shoppers to “complain” or voice out their opinions to the public, we are sure merchants will immediately notice the impact, hence making the correct adjustments to their deals.”

Bad Deals Singapore will launch 1st April in beta status. For more information, please visit

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