P.S. I love Tea

My love for afternoon tea is indeed costly.  Because I can simply sit at a café for the entire Saturday afternoon, glaze at the sky and catch up with my books while having lunch and tea all within 3 hours. I will always be too full for dinner at 7pm and will always wonder what I put myself through. Shouldn’t I be having my meals at regular hours? But, I simply cannot resist the temptation. My temptation – for tea.

Out of the many tea visits I made in town, I have a soft spot for PS. Café. Currently with 4 outlets, they are located at Harding Road, Paragon, Palais and Ann Siang Hill. I have only visited Ann Siang Hill and fell in love with the ambience and serene atmosphere even before I stepped in. Take a look at the view outside the café.

The vicinity is a perfect place for photography and for those who want peace near the city.

Before we enter, you might notice this sign next to the entrance.

Not because they are child-unfriendly but I believe they want to keep the place comfortable and at ease for their guests at this branch which is frequently patronized by expatriates and those who live near Club Street, A.S.H Park or Duxton area. I agree that this might turn families away, not only from this outlet but entirely from PS Café, but if you have personally experienced dining within and have visited their other branches, there is a difference. I will recommend this café if you want a few hours of luxury on local Singapore.

As soon as you enter PS Café, you will be greeted by their staff who will bring you to either one of their three levels. Do not be fooled by their young looks for their service is of standard. They are able to response fast, observe and attend to your needs quickly and give you the privacy you ought to get (of course, if there is crowd, you cannot get them to hide away so take the “privacy” bit with a pinch of salt). Definitely my cup of service because this is one of my top deciding factor on whether to visit any café again!

Prices are a little steep for those who want to order their main course. It starts from $15 and a good meal might probably cost you at least $25. There is a good mixture of Western and Japanese fusion selections so if you’re a lover for these 2 genre, you’re in for a treat.

Salad with Smoked Salmon – Japanese style [Sorry, I can’t recall the name of this dish but don’t belittle this dish because it’s really filling! I couldn’t finish it.]

Garlic bread with cheese and egg filling [I love the cherry tomatoes! Grilled to perfection.]

I would say that the star of the café is their dessert!

I love their dessert, from their carrot cake to chocolate brownie and orange-peel flavoured which ranges from $9.90 to $16. Trust me, it’s worth the price.

My favourite is their “Double Chocolate Blackout Cake”. I love the warm oozing chocolate syrup and spongy cake. The chocolate layered over tastes just fine, not too sweet and not too bitter. You won’t get sick of this dish even after many mouths. For a hot weather, the ice-cream topping will cool you down too. This is my recommendation for a lazy afternoon. It is huge so you might want to bring a book or grab newspapers off their racks for an afternoon read.

End your meal with their tea so that it clears your throat and gets you ready for a great evening ahead. One pot per person.


On an average, I spent about $65 for 2 pax, lunch and tea inclusive. It is lavish for some people, but do not forget, it is 2 meals for 2 pax so if we divide it by 4, it is an affordable $18+ per pax.

Disclaimer: The above was based on my personal experience at PS Café, Ann Siang Hill branch. Every experience varies so yours may be different.

For those who want to have tea at home or at a friend’s place, you can check out T-Barn. They retail tea sticks in a box of 15 from $9.90 onwards; and when I say tea sticks, I really meant that it comes in a form of a stick.

Imported from Taiwan, you will love their Oolong Tea and Rose Black Tea. Try their famous Formosa tea and you will want to get more of it. Simply fill your cup with hot water from the flask, place the tea stick in the cup and stir to allow the tea leaves to infuse. After 3-5 minutes, you are ready for tea.

My love for tea is shared amongst many others. I came across a Facebook picture that captions reads “下午茶不是女人的專利,而是種生活態度。” which means “An afternoon tea is not a woman’s rights but a sign of life attitude.”

I stand by this statement. An attitude for a better day. Maybe you cannot sit still for long. Maybe you cannot stand the quiet side of the city. Maybe, just maybe, you are afraid of being alone with yourself for a few hours. Make a change. Take the first step out to try having afternoon tea with yourself or a buddy. You will take that session away with a positive attitude.

Enjoy your cup of tea!

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