[AOTW] App of the Week: Day One

If you have the habit of taking notes and journaling down what happens in your life often enough on your Apple OS digital diary(Macbook, iMac, iPad etc), you will definitely like this app, that is if you aren’t already using it.

I for one hates taking notes and journals digitally, partly because I’m simply too lazy and the other part is obviously the issue of keeping them altogether in one location. One moment I have a piece on my laptop, the next I have it on my iPad, and at the end of the day I waste more time trying to remember and find where I had that particular note saved. You might suggest Evernote, which honestly I already love using it to death. I somewhat agree and I tried to use for keeping simple notes/journals for a while but it’s filled with so much features(and I meant that as a compliment) it gives me a headache every time I want to jot down a simple one. Evernote undoubtedly works very well but personally I like to keep it purely for work/business and more collaborative purposes.

So here comes Day One, the simplest yet technically-sophisticated-enough app to make journaling my life a heck lot easier. So what makes it so good?

  • Minimalist – Day One spots a clean and simple interface, no messy menus or icons, and who needs a WYSIWYG editor for taking a simple note/journal? Minus all the unnecessary clutter, it is amazingly addictive to use.
  • Inspirational Messages – A useful feature which I very much like is that Day One gives you inspirational snippets of what to write when you are suffering from a case of writer’s block, perhaps not the most exciting but hey it’s pretty savvy.
  • Sync via Dropbox/iCloud – Easily the most important feature on Day One has to be its syncing capability, the ability to sync via Dropbox or iCloud is simply brilliant. Not only will I be able to have all my notes on every platform I used, having my notes/journal on the cloud means I won’t freak out even if my harddisk crashes on any of my devices.
  • Realtime Search – Day One search function is similar to Google’s realtime search, makes finding previous entries a breeze.
  • Friendly Reminders – You can specify the number of reminders per day at your preferred time range.
  • Misc Features – Other useful features includes the ability to mark your entries as favorites, auto spelling and autocorrect, font size, auto titles, password protection, etc.

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Day One app is available on the Mac OS app store for $9.99, iPhone and iPad version for $1.99. The only complain is that I have to purchase separate apps for Mac OS and iOS, meaning to say I have to pay a total of $9.99 + $1.99 = US$11.98 in order to use it on all my Apple devices. That being said, it is still quite a steal once I realized how useful it is.

As I was saying, I hate to keep a daily journal but…

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