iPad 3 Event Announced, Higher Resolution & Buttonless?

So it’s finally here again, the long anticipated and rumored iPad 3 event has been revealed. Before you scramble to put up your current iPads for sale, be sure to do some careful research on the new hardware and features Apple had installed. From what I had garnered from the rumors and speculations, the more interesting improvements are the higher-resolution screen(2x higher than iPad 2), buttonless design and a better camera.

Here’s a roundup on the rumors/speculations on the iPad 3:

  • Retina display of 2048 x 1536 pixels
  • Buttonless design, Home button removed or touch based
  • LTE Support (Presumably 4G data speeds)
  • Faster hardware, A5X chip (not A6 as earlier rumored), faster GPU but not Quad-core
  • Higher megapixel camera
  • Similar design and form factor to iPad 2
  • Siri on iPad 3
  • iOS 5.1 to launch together
  • Higher priced than iPad 2 (US$80 more)
  • Different connector/dock
  • 9.7″ model iPad 3

Other non iPad 3 rumors for the launch event:

  • New Apple TV
  • Cheaper 8GB iPad 2

I bet the question on everyone’s mind now is “Should I get one?”. Personally my opinion is if you have the iPad 2, skip it unless you really have the budget for it. While the hardware aspect should improve on the iPad 3 if the rumors are correct, the fact is I haven’t come across an app or game on my iPad 2 that need a speed boost, and neither do I find it pleasant to use iPad for the occasional photographer in me. I do however welcome the cheaper 8GB iPad 2, making the iPad more affordable is never a bad idea: think education purposes and families who can’t afford computers.

Do you have an iPad? Are you considering upgrading to the iPad 3 come 7th March 2012? Let us know your thoughts.

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