Dorra Celebrates 1st Anniversary, Get 1 Slimming Treatment for Free!

dorra is celebrating their 1st anniversary and they are giving away 1 dorra French Forumulated Tummy, Hips & Thighs Slimming Treatment for FREE when you sign up! Simply scroll down to the form below and fill in your details!

Brief Background
Over the years in the southern region of France, dorra has become synonymous to lower body slimming technology. Success stories of thousands of French women who achieved gorgeous lower body silhouette through dorra slimming therapy affirms the brand’s trusted formula.

dorra is the French Slimming Expert!
Today, the French lower body slimming expert has arrived in Singapore. You can now lose 10-30cm in just 14 days with a specially formulated essence that burns triglyceride – the main culprit in lower body silhouette problems – for 12 full hours!

Combined with the expertise of our dorra specialists, the dorra formula is the perfect solution for you to target your problem areas and remove those unsightly bumps and bulges on your tummy, hip and thighs!

In an intimate one-on-one session, you can expect our professional consultants to guide you through understanding your body with a comprehensive body fat and water analysis.

Through a series of questions, our consultants will be able to understand your lifestyle and diet, and proceed to provide guidance and solution to help you gain the most out of your dorra treatment. You can trust that our consultants will be closely monitoring your progress as you go along – even at the comfort of your own home.

dorra solves the following 7 major types of lower body fat problems:

  • Genetic fat
  • Post-natal fat
  • Stubborn fat
  • Middle-age factor
  • Overeating / Nutrition-caused
  • Cellulite
  • Water retention

dorra’s trusted formula:

  • contains a double-slimming booster with triglyceride burning effect that last up to 12 full hours
  • penetrates deep into skin layer (15-35mm) to stimulate the secretion of fat-burning enzymes and speeds up the decomposition of triglyceride within fat cells
  • prevents formulation of new fat cells
  • promotes efficient discharge of triglyceride as body waste (perspiration, urination and defecation)
  • reduces cellulite, stretch marks
  • restores skin elasticity
  • detoxifies and increases metabolism
  • tightens and tones flabby skin
  • reshapes lower body silhouette
  • no side effect

What is Triglyceride?
Triglyceride is the main culprit behind fat accumulation. Triglyceride develops from fats eaten in food and when not immediately used after meals, it will be stored within fat cells resulting in the expansion of common problem areas – tummy, hip and thigh.

The accumulation of triglyceride can lead to health diseases such as cancer, heart complications and stroke. Triglyceride can only be discharged from the body through sweat and urine, once it is broken down into water, glycerol and energy.

Breaks Down Triglyceride
dorra’s formulated essence, as small as 1:10,000 human cells penetrates into fat cells breaking down triglyceride into water, glycerol and energy.
Burns Triglyceride
The miniscule substance continues to burn triglyceride for 12 full hours, and prevents the formation of new triglyceride molecules.
Discharges Triglyceride
The active essence further increases metabolism, shrinks fat cells and promotes efficient discharge of broken-down triglyceride as sweat and urine.

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