App Of The Week: Eyewitness (By The Guardian)

If you are not familiar with The Guardian, they are actually one of the most popular newspaper publishers in UK. That said, I’m not gonna be discussing about them per se but in fact their iPad app: Eyewitness.

Eyewitness is a ridiculously simple yet amazing photo app. What it does is everyday it picks out the most interesting and incredible photo from their collection and display it in the Eyewitness app in high resolution. On each photo there will be a short snippet to describe the photo, and a few features I like most:

  • Pro Tip – On every photo you will find an “Info” button, and upon clicking it describes how the photo is taken from a photographer’s opinion. Perfect for inspiring photographers or perhaps anyone who wants to know.
  • Favourites – Save your favourites simply by pressing on the star icon on the menu bar.
  • Full Screen – Want to see the entire picture without the distractions? Simply click anywhere on the photo.
  • Social – Share amazing pictures with your friends on Facebook or Twitter. Email option available as well.
  • Minimal – If you simply want an inspirational picture a day, this app is as good as it gets without any kind of advertising or unnecessary features.
  • It’s Free! – Yes it is free to download but it will only store up to a 100 photos which isn’t too bad if you do not want this app to take up too much space over time.

Download the Eyewitness app on your iPad today and let us know your thoughts!

About Guardian Eyewitness
The Guardian Eyewitness app for iPad offers the world’s most distinctive and provocative photographs from the most popular digital newspaper in the UK, providing a daily, visual reflection of global events.

Each time you open the app it will download the latest 100 photographs for you to browse or save in your favourites.

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