[Kickstarter] POLAR Pen System – World’s First Modular Pen That Is A Magnet, Tool & Toy

Polar Pen

Who could have thought that a simple invention of a pen could be transformed into a modular combination of magnets that not only allow you to have fun, morph and fix stuff with it at the same time? Well the POLAR Pen system we are talking about here and their goal is to change how we view and use the pen.

By using magnets as the body of the pen, the most obvious feature would be the ability to stick it to any metal surface. The modular function of the pen then allows it to transition into a stylus simply by snapping it on without removing the pen functionality (see video below on this). With that it makes a perfect companion on your iPad or you could prefer to keep it on your fridge. The other interesting function of the magnet is its ability to catch the cap back easily to the pen, perfect for even the laziest writers. Magnets are fun too, and POLAR demonstrates that and you can find various ways to play around it with it when you are bored or if you caught the writer’s block.

With only 10 days into funding, it has garner over CAD$250,000 from over 4,500 backers. Sadly when any Kickstarter project gets this popular, it usually mean the early bird rewards are sold out. We suggest going for the CAD$40 option that will come with the stylus and pen, the gold version doesn’t appeal to us but if you prefer you could add another CAD$7 to it. Shipping is free worldwide which is a plus.

Polar Pen System Demo

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