Fix Your Computer Posture & Back Problems With This Thoracic Bridge Exercise


Lower back pain, stiff shoulders, hunched back and strained neck – If all this sounds familiar, then you should check out the video below that will increase mobility top down from the neck to your lower back. Doing this for 30 seconds will help adjust and increase the core strength in the torso and joints as well as relieve the stress caused by long hours of sitting in front of computers. Save yourself some dollars from the weekly visits to chiropractors or body massage parlours with this quick and easy exercise.


The only issue here is doing this openly in the office. If you find it somewhat embarrassing, here’s a tip: Send this to everyone first so if you get spotted doing this what the video owner calls the Thoracic Bridge exercise, and you won’t be caught off guard with a quick reply something along the lines of “Hey, did you see that email i sent on this amazing exercise? Come join me.”

Source: Lifehacker

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