Pebble Steel: Popular Kickstarter Smartwatch Returns In Stainless Steel Design


With less than a year into Pebble’s very successful funding on Kickstarter, they have just announced the next version – Pebble Steel. If you haven’t know, Pebble is the brainchild of Eric Migicovsky, a smartwatch which can display messages from your mobile phone via bluetooth. Early stage, investors did not believe in Eric’s idea and he had trouble raising enough money to continue development. Fortunately enough he and the company decided to put up the idea on Kickstarter and by the end of the funding period closed to 70,000 members had pledged their orders, making Pebble the most funded project on Kickstarter.

[[perfectpullquote]]The first release of Pebble was incredibly well-received without much flaws[/[perfectpullquote]]

Pebble today can do more than just than receiving messages from your smartphone, it has grown into an entire app ecosystem with many developers creating new ways to use the smartwatch. There is even a growing community for Pebble apps. The first release of Pebble was incredibly well-received without much flaws, partly since people who support the project well understand it’s function and e-paper display limitations. Despite that, Pebble’s battery can last a week on full charge and has a 50m water resistant feature.


The only complains coming in was targeted at the design aspect of Pebble. There wasn’t much except for few colour variations in the first version so now it makes perfect sense to design a Pebble that’s not only geeky but fashionable too. Pebble Steel is redesigned carefully this time with it’s case made entirely of stainless steel and comes bundled with a stainless steel and leather strap. It is also thinner now and has an anti-fingerprint Corning Gorilla glass while still retaining the 50m water resistance, e-paper display and full compatibility with all apps.

[[perfectpullquote]]The difference that stands between is simply a nicer looking luxury Pebble[/[perfectpullquote]]

The new Pebble Steel looks good, or at least better, than the pilot design but at US$250 it’s a hundred dollars more expensive than its predecessor, it isn’t faster and there’s no new feature to boast. The difference that stands between is simply a nicer looking luxury Pebble. If you already own a Pebble smartwatch, we can’t find a good reason to invest in the new Pebble Steel. If you haven’t got one and considering going for it, here’s a piece of good news: Pebble Steel ships for free via DHL expedited worldwide (by February 2014) only if you reserve your order now.


Pebble vs Pebble Steel

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