Floating Record spins your vinyl on a vertical turntable

Gravity defying but how does it sound?


Vinyl records are here to stay. The classic media made a revival having sold over 9 million last year, 50% increase when compared to 2013, a stark contrast to the declining CD sale figures.

Vinyl’s fresh rise in popularity is attributed to it’s distinct sound, the tactile feel and the original typography and artwork that appears on the jacket and record itself, features that clearly are missing from digital music.

All that had gotten Gramavox to produce a vertical turntable that will literally turn heads, a conversational piece in your home or office that will not only look amazing but sound immaculate as well. Built entirely in Chicago, the Kickstarter project has garnered a lot of excitement among enthusiasts and beginners, with pledge amount going well past the goal in less than a day upon launch.

The Floating Record, as the name suggests, is a reimagined vintage player packed with modern technology that plays records vertically, producing the illusion that it is floating. The player is capable of switching between 33 ⅓ and 45 RPM, simply by moving the silicon belt between the inner and outer grooves of the gear.

[[perfectpullquote]] Full-Range Stereo Speakers integrated[/[perfectpullquote]]

Other features of the Floating Record include a fully-adjustable carbon-fiber tone-arm set at the optimal tracking force of 2 grams, Audio Technica AT95E cartridge with Elliptical Diamond Stylus and an integrated Tymphany 2″ neodymium speakers driven by a 15w per channel digital amp. There are also external audio outputs (RCA jacks) where you can bypass the integrated speakers to use the Floating Record as a standalone for your own audio setup.

The Floating Record is expected to ship later in December this year, comes in premium dark walnut and a lighter maple wood base choices and is priced at US$349 a piece with additional US$94 shipping fee to Singapore.

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