No Man’s Sky is a Virtual Open Universe Game you will never complete

Available on Playstation 4 now and PC soon

Artistic illustration of the open universe in No Man’s Sky

Sure, there are a lot of infinite world games out there but this one will probably keep you well entertained more than others.

No Man’s Sky is the latest title to release worldwide on Playstation 4. The new game is an open universe adventure game that’s built on four pillars – exploration, survival, combat and trading. One of the highlights of the game is its incredibly vast virtual universe, over 18 quintillion planets, each with its own sets of flora and animal species.

Players that gain information about planets can submit information to the Atlas, a universal database that can be shared among other players in the game. To upgrade character equipment and purchase starships, players can harvest resources from planets. However, performing these actions will draw the attention of robotic Sentinels that will attempt to kill the player.

Despite the somewhat infinite number of planets to explore, early reviews have stated that players can, in fact, complete the game by reaching the center of the galaxy.

No Man’s Sky is expected to release today on Playstation Network. You can also buy the game on a disc from Amazon or pre-order the game from Steam which releases on 12 August 2016.

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