Fidget Cube knockoffs floods the Internet as official Kickstarter project delays shipment

Now available at a fraction of the price

For those who haven’t heard of the Fidget Cube, it’s a small gadget that relieves stress by clicking, sliding and flipping switches and buttons on it.

Yes, you fidget with it, the same way why people click their pens or tap fingers. First seen on Kickstarter, the project has achieved massive success garnering almost 6.5million dollars in pledges from fans. However, things are starting to go awry for the creators lately. According to a report from popular gaming site Polygon, the backers are facing shipment delays due to issues with production in China.

But that’s just a shipment delay, right? Not really, turns out there are now knockoff versions of the Fidget Cube flooding the market on the Internet at prices lesser by up to 75%. Some are speculating that the knockoffs are rejects and contain defects while there are rumours the Chinese manufacturers are producing and distributing the same original product on their own.

A quick browse on local marketplace Qoo10 and you will find one going at just S$5.90 (blue/white colour) with free shipping included. The seller went further to claim its authenticity and quality in the Q&A section.

It’s a bad day for Fidget Cube and an even worse one if the knockoffs are the real thing, goes to show how quickly Chinese copycats can beat companies to the market.

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