Xiaomi has a S$20 Rechargeable Dehumidifier you can reheat to use it over and over again

Environmentally friendly

Mini reusable dehumidifier by Deerma

Moisture absorbers are great for preventing the growth of mould in wardrobes but they come in containers that eventually turn into plastic waste.

Deerma, a brand under Xiaomi’s crowdfunding ecosystem, created a reusable dehumidifier that aims to solve this problem.

Here’s how it works – the speaker-size dehumidifier is filled with unscented non-toxic beads a.k.a. desiccants. These beads absorb water naturally and don’t require any power or batteries to work.

Once the beads are filled with water, they turn green, which also means you will need to “recharge” them simply by powering up the device and heating the beads. It will take around 12 – 15 hours of heating to dry up the beads (orange colour) to reuse again.

Recharge the Deerma Dehumidifier simply by plugging it in.

Deerma Dehumidifiers can be placed in wardrobes, food cabinets, camera gear storage areas or practically in any place you wish to remove moisture.

You can pick one (or a few) up from Qoo10 marketplace now for S$19.90 each with free shipping included. In China, the same thing retails at ¥79 (~S$16) each before shipping.

Now you can remove the mouldy smell from your wardrobes, reduce plastic waste and do away with mothballs.


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