Circles.Life latest ad on The New Paper pokes fun at Singtel and Starhub

Everybody gets 20GB per month

Virtual telco Circles.Life has just put up a rather interesting advertisement on The New Paper.

Instead of promoting their latest perks, the ad is, in fact, an open letter to major telcos Singtel and Starhub, calling out how they have finally recognized that customers are not happy with their rigid mobile plans and lock-in contracts.

Here’s the actual ad, screengrabbed from The New Paper online (Click to enlarge).

And here are the actual words if you can’t see the image above:

To our Telco Friends in Red and Green: We are so proud of you. You’ve finally recognized that your customers aren’t happy. As former subscribers, we get it. Lock-in contraacts, poor customer service, rigid mobile plans. Simply put, they don’t spark joy. As efficient as life is in Singapore, it’s hard to believe that telcos still operate that way.

That’s why we created Circles.Life. Imagine that – being so frustrated that we didn’t just port out, we built a telco for all the frustrated Singaporeans like us.

We gave the power back to the customer, the power we didn’t have as your former customers. We let them take full control of their own mobile plans. Becuase they know what’s best for them, and we trust our customers.

Since we came into the picture, you’ve followed our lead in giving the people more. So don’t get us wrong, we’re really flattered. But while you guys were busy catching up, saying hello to change and yes you can, we’ve already come up with something better. Something no other telco has done.

We are upgrading 100% of our $28/mo Base Plan customers, existing and new. Instead of 6GB/mo, we are stepping it up a notch, and giving them 20GB/mo for the same price.

Why? Because we put our customers first and we’re here to make sure their voice is heard.

We’ve now given more power back to them, and we’ll continue to give them even more.

The Circles.Life Founders
fueled by all frustrated telco customers

Only Singtel and Starhub

If you are wondering why orange (M1) was left out, that’s because Circles.Life, being a virtual telco, actually relies on M1’s existing telco infrastructure for their mobile services.


20GB per month for all

Besides poking fun at the couple major telcos, Circles.Life actually has a bigger message – new and existing users now get 20GB/month on their $28 base plan.

What’s more, the virtual telco is also offering $120 cashback over 12 months, meaning you effectively pay only $18 per month for a year and you will be getting the following:

  • 20GB/month mobile data
  • 100 minutes talktime
  • 25 SMS per month
  • Free Caller ID
  • No contract

Data still not enough? You can buy more from their CirclesCare app at $6 per GB or just pay $20 more for unlimited data for the month.

Virtual telco Circles.Life officially offers Unlimited Data Add-on for only $20/month


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