Starbucks will have ‘Shiok-ah-ccino’ and new Matcha Latte & Frappuccino from July 17 onwards

Shiok-ah-ccino gets a new recipe

Starbucks Shiok-ah-ccino drink is back

National Day celebrations are in at Starbucks starting this week.

The popular coffeehouse is bringing back the iconic Shiok-ah-ccino beverage this year and it will come with a new recipe – smooth vanilla cream Frappuccino blended with chocolate chips, served with a waffle crisp and chocolate topper.

It will be available at all stores from 17 July (Wednesday).

Starbucks Singapore says the taste will be akin to eating chocolate chip ice cream sandwich, like this one.

Ice cream sandwich Singapore-style (Photo: Pinterest)

In other words – confirm shiok.

The Shiok-ah-ccino is priced at $8.20 for a tall-sized cup.

New Matcha Drinks

Besides the return of the Shiok-ah-ccino, Starbucks will also be introducing three new summer drinks on Wednesday as well.

There will be two new beverages for matcha lovers – Matcha Blended Cream Frappuccino and Pure Matcha Tea Latte (available in hot or iced), and a new Double Ristretto Coffee Blended Cream Frappuccino for coffee aficionados.

Here’s a closer look at the drinks.

Pure Matcha Tea Latte (Hot or Iced)

Matcha Blended Cream Frappuccino

Double Ristretto Coffee Blended Cream Frappuccino

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