7-Eleven S’pore now selling the World’s First Coca-Cola Apple from Japan at $2.50 per bottle

Recently launched in Japan

Coca-Cola Apple now in Singapore

Uniquely flavoured Coca-Cola must be doing well in 7-Eleven stores in Singapore.

Earlier in August this year, Japan’s Frozen Lemon Coca-Cola Pouch that took 8 years to develop made its way here.

Japan’s ‘Frozen Lemon’ Coca-Cola Pouch Drink is coming to 7-Eleven S’pore from August 16

Coca-Cola Apple

If you are all into trying new colas, 7-Eleven Singapore has just announced they will be bringing in the world’s first-ever Coca-Cola Apple.

The new flavour, also from Coca-Cola Japan, is supposedly created to welcome the Autumn season.

It has since gone on sale in Japan earlier this month.

Photo: @ohayo_jp

Some say it has a rich, luxurious taste.

7-Eleven Singapore says they will be progressively stocking it at selected stores.

Which, in other words, means you need to look around for it.

Update: We finally found one and bought it at $2.50. Honestly, it’s not bad (photo below).

Photo: Great Deals Singapore

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