Grab launches Asia’s first Numberless Payment Card nobody can use even if you lose it

Better FX rates than banks

Grab launches new GrabPay Card in partnership with Mastercard

Grab Singapore is launching a new payment card that doesn’t have numbers printed on them.

Which means you have nothing to worry even if you drop it or lose it somewhere and since you will be able to lock it via the Grab app to prevent authorized contactless payments.

Users will also be able to access the card details (similar to credit card numbers) for e.g. online payments simply by entering a PIN on the Grab app.

Partnership with Mastercard

The new GrabPay Card is also basically a Mastercard – users can make payments accepted by millions of merchants across the world, both online and in stores.

Here’s how the real thing looks like.

Photo: Grab Singapore

What’s more, users will also be able to accumulate GrabReward Points whenever they use the GrabPay Card for payments.

Platinum rank, here we come.

Auto top-up and FX fees

Besides having a more secured payment card, GrabPay also lets you enable auto top-up so you never have to worry about getting interrupted on transactions.

The GrabPay Card can also be used when you are on holiday overseas. Grab claims their currency exchange rates are better than banks and don’t come with any additional fees or bank charges.

How to apply?

The digital GrabPay Card is available in Singapore starting today. Users can apply for the physical numberless card after receiving their digital card. The physical card will be rolled out in batches.

You can check your Grab app to look for a banner similar to the screengrab below.

You can also find more information about the GrabPay Card here.

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