UNIQLO to launch 3-layer washable AIRism Facemask that blocks 99% bacteria droplets

Pack of 3pc for 990 yen

UNIQLO Japan to sell AIRism Facemasks from 19 June onwards

Facemasks have become a part of our lives now and wearing them for long periods can cause discomfort around our face, ears and in some cases breathing issues.

Which is why Japanese fast-fashion retailer UNIQLO created a new facemask that offers better comfort even wearing it all day.

AIRism Facemask

The new AIRism Facemask offers 3 important functions – performance, washable and comfort.

Not just a cloth mask

It also has a 3-layer filter that blocks 99% bacterial droplets and pollen, has a mesh material that cuts 90% UV rays and has a silky smooth and airy texture that remains comfortable even when sweating.

3-piece Pack

Each pack costs ¥990 (~S$12.90) and has 3 pieces in different sizes (S, M, L) to suit different ages including adults and kids.

Which means you pay less than S$5 per piece and can be used for a long time since it is totally washable.


UNIQLO Japan advises washing the facemask daily after wearing for hygiene purposes. They also suggest placing the facemask in a washing net to prevent damage in a washer.

Like these ones sold in Daiso.

Availability in Singapore

The mask goes on sale in Japan from 19 June and UNIQLO plans to produce 500,000 pieces every week in China. According to reports, there are plans to make the facemasks available in stores overseas.

We will bring you more updates from UNIQLO Singapore when they are available.

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