Casio launches S$350 Metallic G-SHOCK GM-2100 Series that looks like the Royal Oak luxury watch

CasiOak confirmed

G-SHOCK “CasiOak” GM-2100 metal series launching in Japan this August

The G-SHOCK GA-2100 has gotten a lot of fanfare since its introduction a couple of years ago, inheriting designs from the classic DW-5000 and AW-500.

Earlier this year, Casio Singapore launched a transparent model GA-2100SKE as part of the ‘Black Skeleton’ collection, which quickly sells out every time it gets restocked.

G-SHOCK S’pore to launch ‘Black Skeleton’ Series with transparent bezels & bands, 6 models to choose from

Metallic GM-2100 Collection

With the GA-2100’s popularity, it’s no surprise Casio launched a metallic variant of the watch which will launch in Japan and Asia this August according to reports online.

The new GM-2100 models, however, are not full-metal watches but only metal-covered bezels and has a resin band with a unique grid-like texture.

There are also a few colourways to choose from, with the blue and green models having matching strap colours.

Many fans have weighed in on the design, saying it looks similar to a certain Swiss luxury watch, hence the nickname “CasiOak”.

Here’s a closer look.

G-SHOCK GM-2100-1A




Price & Availability

The GM-2100 series will be available in Japan on 21 August, priced at 26,400 yen (~S$325) for the GM-2100-1A and 28,600 yen (~S$353) for the rest of the models.

It will likely be available in Singapore as well, we are guessing the watches will be announced soon and go on sale around a month or two later after Japan’s release.

You can see the watch in action from Casio’s promo video:

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