Calbee Potato Farm ‘Jaga Pokkuru’ Snack selling at $38.80 for 3 boxes for a limited time online

Only $12.93 per box of 10

Calbee’s Potato Farm snack from Hokkaido, Japan available at an attractive price now

Love potato chips? Here’s the ultimate potato snack from Hokkaido, Japan.

Calbee Potato Farm Snack

From the major Japanese snack food maker Calbee, the Potato Farm “Jaga Pokkuru” is made using 100% Hokkaido-grown potatoes which has great taste and quality.

The potatoes are also cut without peeling to retain the flavour of the skin.

There’s also an intro video showing how delicious it is.

Qoo10 Limited-Time Sale

The prized Japanese potato snack doesn’t come cheap though and normally costs between $15 to $20 per box from sellers here in Singapore.

Now you can get the Calbee Jagga Pokkuru snack at a limited-time price of $38.80 for 3 boxes on Qoo10 marketplace, shipped directly from Japan to your doorstep.

Screengrab of the pricing on Qoo10

Each box comes with 10 packs, all individually packed to preserve the freshness.

Free shipping applies for orders above $80 or a shipping fee of $1.99 applies.

Only while stocks last so hurry before they’re all gone.

Buy from Qoo10 now

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