Viral TikTok-improved Zinger Burger with Onion Rings prompts KFC S’pore to launch it officially

The 'Zhng' Zinger Burger

KFC launches TikTok-famous ‘Zhng’ Zinger in S’pore stores this Friday

Believe it or not, KFC Singapore is actually paying attention to fans.

TikTok Zinger Burger

For those not familiar with the story, there have been a few TikTok clips with fans (or lack thereof) suggesting ways to improve the Zinger Burger.

The first (and OG) that started it all was Zaki Hussain with the TikTok handle @zakiv4 who suggested adding cheese, BBQ and hot sauce, and last but not least onion rings.


KFC, consider my proposal

♬ Mozart ‘s a Little Night Music – Classical Music

Then came @syapls (you’ve probably seen her on SGAG videos) who took it further with air-frying for extra crisp, topped with chilli padi and lightly toasted buns.


@Zaki Hussain one “meh” leh @KFC Singapore yall should do make my version pls 😈#tiktoksg #zinger #food #kfc

♬ original sound – SYA 👹 – SYA 👹

Then came along @tehbings who decided to add pickles to the combination.


Fact or Cap?? My reaction at the end tho🤔 #sg #sgfoodie #fy @Zaki Hussain

♬ A Cup of Coffee – Muspace

Holy moly.

Turns out KFC Singapore has caught up with the buzz and decided to launch their own version, calling it the ‘Zhng’ Zinger. From the promotional image, it looks like they had added cheese, onion rings, pickles and hot sauce.

For those not familiar with the local lingo zhng, it means modified in Hokkien which is commonly used to refer to an upgraded (usually illegally) vehicle.

KFC Singapore has also boldly claimed that their version is:

“Born on your social feed. Perfected in our kitchen.”

Can’t wait to try it now.

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