Pre-Order Sale on Casiotron TRN-50 to launch in S’pore on Feb 28, limited to 4,000 pieces worldwide

Recreation of Casio's first wristwatch

A limited-edition re-creation of the Casiotron will be available for pre-order in S’pore later this month

For watch enthusiasts on the quest for the ultimate Casio collectible, the new Casiotron could be the perfect addition to elevate your collection.

Casio’s first wristwatch

In commemorating 50 years of watchmaking excellence, Casio proudly presents the recreated Casiotron, drawing inspiration from the design of the first wristwatch ever released by Casio. With its debut in 1974, it boasts a significant feature, eliminating the need for monthly calendar correction, thanks to its advanced automatic calendar function.

The new TRN-50 seamlessly blends the classic Casiotron spirit with modern technology, receiving time signals from six global stations, while its Mobile Link feature ensures precise timekeeping through Bluetooth pairing with smartphones.

Another highlight of the watch is it also updates world time zones and time difference information automatically, enhancing practicality and convenience.

Casio employs distinct finishes on the case and band surfaces, while the dial and grooved panel cover showcase premium craftsmanship.

Like its predecessor, the updated Casiotron retains a screw-lock case on the watch’s rear but incorporates a glass centre for radio wave reception. Celebrating its 50th anniversary, this edition includes a unique symbol and engraved serial numbers, emphasizing its rarity.

The upcoming Casiotron, priced at S$699, will open for pre-orders in Singapore on 28 February. Casio has announced a limited global release of 4,000 units, although the specific allocation for Singaporean enthusiasts remains undisclosed.

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