FairPrice has $2.98 South Africa Seedless Grapes, 50% OFF Mag-A-Cone Multipack and more till Mar 27

Lots of offers to look out for this week

FairPrice offers this week include grapes, ice cream, chicken nuggets and more

Planning to go grocery shopping this week? Keep an eye out for these amazing deals that are absolutely worth checking out.

South Africa Grapes under $3

Until 27 March, FairPrice is offering a price-drop deal on seedless grapes from South Africa at just $5.95 when you buy 2 boxes. Each box contains approximately 500g of grapes, so you’ll be able to enjoy 1kg at this discounted price.

It’s a great opportunity to stock up on delicious grapes.

With this offer, you’re essentially paying about $2.98 per box.

If you have trouble finishing them on your own, here are some ideas on how you can use grapes aside from eating them fresh:

  • Make Grape Juice: Blend grapes (seedless are easier) and strain the mixture to extract fresh grape juice. You can add a bit of sugar or honey if you prefer it sweeter.
  • Create Grape Jam or Jelly: Cook grapes with sugar, lemon juice, and pectin to make delicious homemade grape jam or jelly. This can be preserved and enjoyed throughout the year.
  • Freeze Grapes for Snacking: Freeze grapes for a refreshing and healthy snack. They’re especially delightful on hot days
  • Make Grape Sorbet or Granita: Blend grapes with a bit of sugar and freeze the mixture to create a refreshing sorbet. You can also make granita by scraping the frozen mixture with a fork.
  • Roast Grapes: Roasting grapes enhances their sweetness and makes a great addition to cheese platters or salads.
  • Make Grape Vinegar: Ferment grapes to make your own homemade grape vinegar. This can be used in dressings, marinades, or for pickling.
  • Make Wine or Grape Cider: If you’re into home brewing, you can try making your own wine or grape cider using fresh grapes.
  • Make Grape Salsa: Combine chopped grapes with onions, cilantro, lime juice, and jalapenos for a unique and flavorful salsa.
  • Create Grape Smoothies: Blend grapes with yoghurt, other fruits, and a liquid of your choice (like milk or juice) to make a delicious and nutritious smoothie.

50% Off Magnolia Mag-A-Cone Multipack

Ice cream lovers might want to stock up on Mag-A-Cone ice cream as they are having a half-price discount at FairPrice. Similarly, the offer is available till 27 March or while stocks last.

Mix and match your favourite flavours including Vanilla, Chocolate Malt, Strawberry and more.

The offer also includes mini cones, which are perfect for little ones or individuals who are watching their sugar intake.

Coco Thumb Coconut Juice Promotion

For a hassle-free experience of enjoying fresh coconut juice, Coco Thumb is currently offering a limited-time deal at $5.55 for two, saving you almost 30% off the regular price.

Indulge in nutritious coconut water effortlessly with its clever design – simply pull, press, and peel without needing a cleaver.

FreezePak Chicken Nuggets

Get your hands on another hot favourite snack that some claim resembles the taste and texture of McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets. The FreezePak Crispy Chicken Nuggets are now priced at $9 per 1kg pack, offering you almost $2 off the usual price.

This offer is available for a longer period till 31 March or while stocks last.

More FairPrice Offers

There are more enticing offers available at FairPrice this week that are definitely worth checking out.

These include:

  • Seaco Canada Scallops at $29.95 per 700g pack (U.P. $46.50 | till 24 March)
  • Double FP Thai Hom Mali Fragrant Rice at $9.80 per 5kg pack (U.P. $14.03 | till 24 March)
  • Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream at $27.20 for 3 pints (U.P. $45.54)
  • Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter at $10.50 for 2 packs (U.P. $13.24)

See the promotion image below for more details. Click on respective images to view a larger version for a closer look.

All offers while stocks last. Limited quantity per purchase for selected items.

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